Introvert, Extrovert, Doesn’t Matter STAR SIGN EDITION

Aries: Extroverted, loves socializing, true leaders, will talk non-stop with just about anyone, lives to have fun

Taurus: Introverted, homebodies, lazy, have no great desire to move away from their kitchen

Gemini: Every Gem is different, so it’s hard to say, they love a bit of both and will get energy from others as well as from alone time

Cancer: Extroverted, love of people and experiences, but will probably only stick to a couple of friends

Leo: Extroverted, Leo’s can talk and have fun forever, loves excitement and non-stop action

Virgo: Introverted, quiet and calm, prefers the stability of home life, but enjoys having friends over to talk to

Libra: Extroverted, constantly making the ascent of the social ladder, won’t stop till they drop, social butterflies

Scorpio: Introverted, does not have the patience for social norms, feels most comfortable either by themselves or with very few people

Sagittarius: Extroverted, loves excitement and new experiences, can talk for hours without taking a breath, parties hard or not at all

Capricorn: Extroverted, although quiet, Cappies are cool and hilarious when around others, works all day, parties all night 

Aquarius: Extroverted, when they’re not working on their plans for world domination they are definitely hanging out with friends

Pisces: Introverted, Pisces love their friends and would do anything for them, but prefer quiet isolation and time to reflect 

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Anonymous asked: how do i know a leo male actually likes me and isnt just trying to get into my pants - anxious libra girl

Tell him that you have STD’s and see if he sticks around 

OMG. Just joking.

Ok, what I’d do is, seeing that he is a Leo, try to dig deeper. If he lets you then that’s an indication that he likes you. Leo’s hide their emotional sides beneath a layer of fun, exciting charisma, it’s hard for people to break through.

Don’t follow him around as much and give him less attention, if this makes him anxious then it could mean he only cares about the attention you give him. 

Leo’s are generally pretty sincere and will tell you from the start what they’re looking for in a relationship. If you’re not sure just ask, I’m sure he will tell you.

I hope this helps, good luck and keep shining :)

X A Gemini

P.S. sorry this has taken a while, hopefully the information can still help you out :)

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Anonymous asked: Are you still doing dates? Would you start again? Could you tell me what is best for Pisces during a break-up and how to get them to move on?

We’re on hiatus for questions right now but once we answer the current ones we’ll get back on track :)

Ok let’s see… well Pisces is an emotional sign and a break up would definitely hurt them. You need to stop blaming yourself for what happened in the relationship and focus your energy in another way (I don’t know, write about it, sing a song… anything)

There are plenty of other fish in the sea (wow, that’s hilarious, because… Pisces… and Pisces symbol is the fish… anyways) and you have everything you need to go and catch them (comedy genius right here)

So basically, stop blaming yourself and do what you can to distract yourself and forget about what happened.

Cool, hope this helps, keep shining :)

X A Gemini

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startedswimming-startedsinking asked: What are the pros and cons of a libra male/ sagittarius female relationship?


  • Intelligent conversations
  • Honesty
  • Lovers of travel and living life to the fullest
  • Socially excitable
  • Passion


  • Libra is all for commitment and Sadge needs freedom
  • Libra is a thinker and Sadge is an action kind of girl
  • Sadge may be too harsh/upfront 
  • Libra may be too slow to keep up
  • May forget about the other

I hope this helps, keep shining :)

X A Gemini

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Zodiac Sounds

The Signs in a Race

  • The Signs were forced to compete in a track race, let's see what they were thinking during the race...
  • Aries: I'm going to win, I'm going to win, I'm going to fucking win, hahaha, nobody can chase me, I will win, I will win...
  • Taurus: If I pretend to sprain my ankle will they let me sit the rest of this out? Oh my god, I think I can smell hot dogs, LATER LOSERS!
  • Gemini: Jesus, Taurus nearly tripped me! Now let's see... if I want to win I have to dodge the leaders, if I slow down now and speed up in exactly.... ten seconds, I should be able to overtake them around the corner...
  • Cancer: C'mon Cancer, you can do this, if you BELIEVE, come on...
  • Leo: I really want to win and show everyone my victory dance... I can do it, no problem, these idiots have nothing on me.
  • Virgo: I.... hate..... running....
  • Libra: Wow this is so much fun! Oh no, I'm all sweaty and my hair is going everywhere! I'm out of here...
  • Scorpio: No time for thinking, you must win, you must win, you must win...
  • Sagittarius: SPEEDY GONZALES!
  • Capricorn: You're only a couple of inches behind Aries, you've been training for weeks, you can do this, come on, keep going...
  • Aquarius: Wow, everyone looks so serious and determined, I should probably stop moonwalking, Virgo seems a little pissed.
  • Pisces: Oh well, I've tried my hardest, ooh, Capricorn came first! And then Gemini! And then Scorpio and Aries tied for third! Oh no, they're fighting, oh no, Scorpio just insulted Aries mother...

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A Capricorn after school 

The Signs in Love

  • Aries: They’ll try to hide it at first but soon their devotion and adoration will become noticeable. They need love in their life and despite their independence can fall in love quite quickly. They give everything they can to a relationship and work extremely hard to feel loved and to keep their partner feeling loved.
  • Taurus: Slow to start and slow to trust. When a Taurus makes a love connection it is often eternal. They love with all their hearts and need security and passion to feel at peace with themselves. They doubt themselves in relationships but will always give.
  • Gemini: Ah Gemini. They might not ever show you but when a Gemini falls in love they fall very hard. It’s so difficult for Gemini to feel connected with one particular person that falling in love always seems out of the question for them, even though they wish they could understand. They always know how to make their partner smile.
  • Cancer: Love means everything to Cancer and they need the support of their partner like nothing else. Cancers are the kind of signs that write long love letters to their crushes that they are too embarrassed to show. They have trust issues but will give absolutely everything they have to their partner.
  • Leo: To say that a Leo doesn’t need love is the most ridiculous statement you could make. Leos need love and passion in their lives, it very often consumes them. Completely loyal and devoted to their partner they will always stick by them and love them till the end.
  • Virgo: Selfless and susceptible. It’s hard for Virgo to forget about the people they fall in love with. They become so goo-goo eyed when they’re in love that it’s almost tear-jerking. They would probably sacrifice themselves for their partners if they could. They either love with all their heart or nothing at all.
  • Libra: Libras are always ones to fantasize about romance, so they will not let you go very easy. When they fall truly in love- it is quite rare, though they will develop many feelings of love along the way- it is unstoppable, everything will be devoted to the person that they love.
  • Scorpio: Because of their fascination with sex it may take a while for a Scorpio to fall in love. They tend to be possessive and controlling of the person they love but will definitely love them with everything they have. Connections with a Scorpio are magnetic and all-consuming.
  • Sagittarius: These individuals have a little trouble finding that one person that they can connect with. However, when a Sadge falls in love it’s obvious how much they’re willing to give to you. A union formed from a mutual passion is sure to keep Sadge interested.
  • Capricorn: Although they don’t show it, Capricorn’s have a tendency to fall in love, and fall hard. The seemingly serious Capricorn will constantly be thinking of their love and will feel deeply for them. They’ll do anything they can- and anything you want- to keep the relationship going.
  • Aquarius: Aquarius is a tough one to pin down, but an Aquarius who loves you will definitely love you for life. They may come off as unemotional, but deep down Aquarius loves with all their heart and soul. The person they love means everything to them, they may have trouble showing it, but they feel it.
  • Pisces: Pisces are passionate and sympathetic lovers. They do all that they can for that special someone and expect nothing in return. They may feel like they are the only ones who care so be sure to show it. Otherwise there is no limit to their love.

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The Signs as Alcoholic Drinks

  • This is based on personalities, these are not alcoholic drinks that we suggest you should have based on your star sign. Because we're not heavy drinkers (we don't drink at all) these are based mostly off others opinions. Enjoy!
  • Aries: Beer- loud, obnoxious and fun
  • Taurus: Brandy- mellow, laid-back and quiet
  • Gemini: Rum- moody, talkative and friendly
  • Cancer: Wine- quiet, relaxed and sophisticated
  • Leo: Bourbon- Strong, powerful and exquisite
  • Virgo: Champagne- flirty, social and cultured
  • Libra: Gin- friendly, excitable and casual
  • Scorpio: Scotch- isolating, emotional and deep
  • Sagittarius: Liqueur- child-like, happy and friendly
  • Capricorn: Whiskey- emotional, tough and misunderstood
  • Aquarius: Schnapps- goofy, carefree and excitable
  • Pisces: Vodka- loving, friendly and confusing

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Star Signs- How to Get to their Hearts

  • Aries: Praise
  • Taurus: Depth
  • Gemini: Words
  • Cancer: Affection
  • Leo: Attention
  • Virgo: Loyalty
  • Libra: Support
  • Scorpio: Wisdom
  • Sagittarius: Adventurism
  • Capricorn: Stability
  • Aquarius: Creativity
  • Pisces: Sensitivity

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It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people.

-Anthony Kiedis, A Scorpio 

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A  Capricorn when they’re not feeling successful.
A Scorpio and a Sagittarius laughing at someone…
Typical Aquarius
A Taurus after school…